fc_vorkuta_logo2FC Vorkuta was established in 2008 when a group of Russian speaking community soccer enthusiasts – Igor Demitchev, Samad Kadirov and few others. 

Surrounded by idea of creating a soccer club for Russian speaking community, the club with help of principal sponsor – Igor Demitchev (Barrister and Solicitor) and team captain Samad Kadirov has started FC Vorkuta’s first ever season in late 2008 competing in Downtown Polson Pier soccer league. The club successfully went through the first season by winning the league and playoff titles with Samad Kadirov becoming a leading league and playoff goalscorer and earning a Golden Boot. 

During 2009 summer FC Vorkuta joined Thornhill Soccer Club league and finished the summer season with a PK win in playoffs final bringing our team its first outdoor title. 

In the fall of 2009 FC Vorkuta joined Downsview Hangar indoor soccer league and had a huge success over the past years by winning a number of titles. 

For the last few years FC Vorkuta plays its outdoor seasons in Richmond Hill soccer club and were crowned a league title winners in 2014. 

As team grows so does grow the ambitions of the team that became a huge success among the Russian speaking community. More than 7 different nationalities play for FC Vorkuta which makes us a big family that constantly grows becoming not only a soccer club but something bigger than that. We are a family that unites people of different nationalities, religions, occupations and interests with the help of the beautiful game of soccer. 

We, Football Club Vorkuta, have been asked on many occasions to explain our logo and what it symbolizes and our reply was always the same. We, as a Canadian football club, pay our tribute to our new home country (thus, the red and white colours); we, as a Toronto based football club, pay our tribute to our new home town (thus, the blue and white colours of Toronto); we also pay tribute to our founder’s original home town, Vorkuta, to remember its uneasy history and to honour lives of strong-willed people who live there.
FC Vorkuta will start their 2017 summer season in Canadian Soccer League which is considered to be a huge step forward for the club and its future. 

As always we welcome everybody at our games with your family and friends!!!