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2017! Here we come!!!

Congratulations to soccer fans in general and to FC Vorkuta fans in particular. It is great time we live through and we wish to notify you that FC Vorkuta was elected to join the Canadian Soccer League for the next, 2017, season. It would be a big achievement for any club and it is a great achievement and honour for us, FC Vorkuta, to be elected to such a prominent league and to be a part of such a beautiful big family as Canadian Soccer League.
Many years ago a group of soccer enthusiasts had created something that has had life and passion in it. The name of that life and passion for soccer was Football Club Vorkuta. It was back in 2008. Since then FC Vorkuta has battled many competitive teams, has had hard times and great times, won and, sometimes, lost many finals, title and tournaments. As it all turned out, it all was worth it as today FC Vorkuta is one of the top soccer teams not only in Toronto but also far beyond.
FC Vorkuta is a pure love and passion for soccer and now FC Vorkuta steps into a really “big boys” league. It has been a long time coming but it is here and it is now. You, our friends and fans, are also a part of it as when FC Vorkuta plays we know that you think of us and that you are always ready to yell out “go FC Vorkuta go” and FC Vorkuta has been, is and will be going. FC Vorkuta is moving forward again. This is exactly what we want to congratulate with our great fans. FC Vorkuta is strong and it is moving forward. Go FC Vorkuta Go!!!